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Fish in Karuna

Fishing trip to Peimari in Karuna

Under an hours drive from Turku and about two hours from Helsinki, lies Karuna in Sauvo, where you will be met with a beatiful view of the sea and great fishing waters. You can bring your own fishing boat to the site, or better yet, rent a motor boat with all the equipment needed. 

Cottage renting customers are free to use the row boat provided with the cottage, rent a motor boat or bring their own boat. There is a ramp for putting boats in the water. If you want the most out of your fishing experience, you can book an professional fishing guide.

Ice fishing trip to Peimari with a fishing guide

Ice fishing is perfect as a winter activity for your company or an activity as a part of a conference. The only thing you need is warm clothes and we take care of the rest. Which fish will bite your lure? After the fishing activity we will have soup with smoked salmon by the open fire.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 95 €/person, including VAT. Minimum amount of participants is 6 people.
The price includes the guided ice fishing trip and the fireside dining. 

Boat rental

With a good vessel you can reach many good fishing spots in just one day. The Terhi Nordic with a 15 hp engine is registered as a rental boat and includes maps and life jackets. You can also get your fishing licenses from us. The price for the first day is 90 €. The fuel is sold separately. There is also a 200 € deposit. 

A weekend with a cottage and a boat 

Live comfortably in the Merimetso cottage just by the seaside. The cottage has two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and a wood heated sauna. The cottage has a well equipped kitchen and a gas grill on the terrace. The package includes a Terhi Nordic motor boat with a 15 hp engine, and all the needed boating equipment and maps. We will also get you fishing licenses. Price for a weekend (fishing licenses not included) is 565 €. The price does not include the final cleaning or sheets. Deposit for boat is 200 €. The cottage houses 6 people and the boat can have 4 passangers.

A weekend with a cottage, boat and a 4 hour guided fishing tour

You can drastically increase your chances of catching fish and make your trip a wholesome experience by hiring a professional fishing guide. When adding the service of a professional fishing guide to the package above, the price is increased by 230 € / 4 hours.