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Country Life

Country life

Season your cottage holiday with activities in the surrounding nature and countryside! We offer different kinds of program alternatives for both families and friends. These alternatives are available in Sauvo, Karuna - close to well equipped seaside cottages. Easy to get to from Helsinki or Turku. You can also order these activities for a day visit.

Visit a local sheep farm

Get to know the everyday life on a Finnish sheep farm! Take your family and friends and take a tour around the pastures, get to know the animals and different breeds of sheep. You will also get general information about sheep farming and a possibility to buy different sheep products directly from the producer. Duration c. 1-2 hours. Price EUR 12/person. Possible during the summer months (also during winter, but no pasture tour).

Guided plant dyeing

Finnish nature provides a surprising amount of different plant and mushroom based materials that can be used for dyeing. In this introduction course, you will get general information about plant dying and the plants that are used, and will also get to try your hand a dyeing some yarn, which you can take with you afterwards. Price EUR 60/person, when at least 5 persons in the group. Available June-August. 

Guided berry picking

In a land of vast forests it is still fairly common to pick your own bilberries and lingon berries for the winter. Berry picking in the wilderness is allowed on account of everyman's rights for everyone, regardless of whether they own land of their own. You can now take part in this age old way of preparing for the winter, get some fresh berries to eat or bake with, and get acquainted with the Finnish forrest easily and safely with a local guide. You will be picking bilberries and later in the fall, lingon berries. 2 h trip EUR 18/person (min. 4 persons). Bucket for berries provided.

Visit a cattle farm

Cows are essential to the countryside experience! Come join a cart ride into the middle of a cattle herd and take your time admiring cows and their cute calves. If you are observant enough, you might even be able to spot the bull. While admiring these tranquil and beautiful animals, you will hear stories from the everyday life of the animals and their caretakers. After the pasture ride you can stop by the farmer's meat shop and buy some sausage and cust for the barbeque. Price EUR 14/person (min EUR 96/group). Groupsize 1-15 persons. Possible June-August.

Sausage roasting at Laplander's Hut

Spend the evening in an atmospheric Laplander's hut in the midst of nature, roast some sausages by the fire. Before the sausage roasting, you will first widdle some stakes with the help of your guide. You will also get to taste coffee brewed over an open fire, a flavour your coffee maker cannot beat. Juice available for children.  EUR 17/person min. 4 person group.

Guided angling

Quick start to angling! A staple family passtime on a cottage holiday: angling from the dock. Our guide will provide you with fishing poles and bait, and will give you tips of the trade. Duration 1h. Price EUR 15/person for a group of min. 4 people.

Night vision

Are you into wildlife or perhaps hunting? Rent a pair of night vision binoculars and get to know the local wildlife and their secret habits. By day we will show you a hunting blind you can go to at twilight and wait for the animals to arrive. Possible animal sightings include roe deer, white tailed deer and moose. If you're lucky, you might even spot a fox!

Price EUR 12/person/night

Activities possible in Sauvo. Accommodation in cottages situated in Karuna, Sauvo. Get to know the options here: