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Experience the Forrest Village

Experience the Magic of the Woods

Come and experience the Finnish forrest in the Forrest Village, on Kemiö island.

Its fairytale tree huts and huge underground granite smoke-sauna give the area a unique appeal. In the enchanting smoke-sauna the bather can, in-between the joy and relaxation of the steamy sauna, dip into a refreshing pool formed by the creek, lingering through the sauna.

Add a dinner in the medieval style Knights hall, or arrange a cooking competition with your group and end the evening by enjoying a self-prepared three course meal made from local ingredients!

Group package example (min. 8 persons)

Cooking competition, smoke-sauna (open sauna event, private sauna reservation from 820€), three course meal from EUR 85/person. 

Accommodation in Forrest village tree huts EUR 50/adult including breakfast and linen.

Also outdoor activities can be arranged at the Forrest village!